Where Is God? – Filipe Rodrigues (English)

Written by Filipe Rodriguez, April 7, 2014
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WHERE IS GOD? – Filipe Rodrigues

(I boiled this down as short and sweet as I could)

“I’ve seen many sincere, legitimate questions repeatedly asked time and again, and the reasoning behind these questions always seems to resemble the logic underlying the following examples:Image

“If God exists, why are there children starving to death in Africa?”

“If God exists, why was my daughter raped?”

“Why didn’t God stop Hitler?”

“If God really exists, that bandit would not have killed my son.”

These types of questions are totally legitimate and make complete sense, when we want to place our responsibility onto a DIVINE BEING or “SAID DIVINE BEING”!

When God created the world, He made Adam and Eve and commanded them to TAKE CARE OF THE EARTH, to EXERCISE DOMINION over the earth. In other words, they were the ones who ran the show around here! God gave the rule and control of the planet over to them! It wasn’t God who named the animals, it wasn’t God who cultivated the crops, and so on. (Genesis 1:28)

And then, the great GENIUSES have the bright idea of listening to and heeding a DEMON-POSSESSED SERPENT and thus they lose ALL their right to the full government that they had received from God. I wonder what kind of snake this was because it would have had to have been an incredibly special snake for me to listen to it! After all, only a stupid brainless blockhead would listen to a snake!  But then again, there are stupid brainless blockheads everywhere!

God then tells Satan that from the womb of woman, there would be born ONE who would crush the serpent’s head and consequently repossess that government that was lost because of sin. (I’m paraphrasing here).

Summarizing ALL OF HISTORY; THOUSANDS of years later, the Christ is born! And through his life WITHOUT DEFECTS, WITHOUT SIN, He surrendered to death, for our sake, and sacrificed himself as MAN, GOD IN THE FLESH, and thus repossesses and re-institutes the rule and dominion of the earth. And to top it all off, He places this TOTAL DOMINION back into our hands! (Romans 8:17)

We have no more argument to QUESTION where God is, because now the RESPONSIBILITY for the EARTH and for people is ours! The ball is in our court now!

The Kingdom of God consists of three things Righteousness, Peace and Joy. That Kingdom is WITHIN us, that is what we must promote in the world! If we‘re not doing that, then surely we are not assuming our responsibility.

It is we who have to feed the hungry. We must fight for justice to be done (correctly) to the criminals. We must fight the injustice that there is in society, the lack of opportunities, and especially the lack of LOVE.

The RESPONSIBILITY for the earth and for people is ours. God has already done everything and even RE-ESTABLISHED through Christ, so that we ourselves would rule and reign and would assume this responsibility. It’s easy to make God responsible and blame Him, while we remain silent and absent and apathetic in the face of what has happened in the world.

Do you throw garbage on the street? You’re not “being there for your planet. You waste water? You are being Absent! Do you have more assets than you need to live well and comfortable? You are being Absent! If you have 2, someone is without! 
 Do you become silent in the face of injustice? Absent! Have you said nothing in the face of corruption? ABSENT!

And so on!

The Responsibility for the EARTH and for PEOPLE is ours! And this responsibility only ends WHEN WE DIE!

TAKE YOUR SHARE of the responsibility and DO something! Do not expect God to do something that He HIMSELF has already done for us in the Flesh.

– Filipe Rodrigues

(originally posted on fb)


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